About AudeX

We assess complexities in your system, providing valuable parameters in optimising your system with minimal risk. Real-time results that permit real-time process control. Learn more about our solutions and services, or contact us for an assessment of your systems and projects.

Why AudeX

Pioneering for the 4th industrial revolution means creating corporations that can adapt and overcome the challenges that industries are facing. In co-operation with AudeX, you will achieve optimised business operations through strategic assessment and efficient asset utilisation that provides a better return on your investment. The aim is providing real-time parameters to increase your viable product and reduce misplaced or underutilised resources.



  • RFID embedded tracers for XRT, XRL, Jigging and Dense Media Separation processes
  • Market leading, high-efficiency smart RFID-antennas
  • Condition Monitoring Equipment


AudeX has extensive experience in collaborating with corporations in the mining
sector by providing a variety of data aggregation and interpretation solutions to
serve the diamond, coal and iron ore mining industries.

We also provide logistics solutions, including turnkey tracking
and tracing, to manage your most valuable assets.


Asset Monitoring and Tracking

Our Asset Monitoring and Tracking services provide your business with end to end asset tracking and logistics management configurable to your needs.


Our service offers:

  • Proven and tested system
  • Ability to balance expenditure and ROI with gradual onboarding
  • Substantial lowering of loss rate
  • Endless configurability and seamless integration
  • Scalable rollout to ensure rapid deployment
  • Reporting intelligence with a comprehensive web-based logistic management system
  • Integration with existing hardware and software solutions, business processes as well as your data and organisational knowledge
Analytics and Visual Dashboard

“What gets measured gets improved” – Peter Drucker

Data is a powerful instrument to aid decision making. As with any tool, it needs to be wielded correctly for the best results. A significant part of data analysis is understanding what to measure, and which improvements to pursue.

AudeX specialises in data interpretation and visualisation. By collating, analysing and summarising data, we provide you with accurate input to make informed decisions. Our process engineers have extensive experience in process design and optimisation and can evaluate your data to provide strategic improvements.

The AudeX Dashboard provides you with a real-time view of the parameters that are critical to comparing planned to actual performance. The parameter view pinpoints possible areas for improvements that help refine your process to maximise recoveries.

Metallurgical Plant Audit

Our Process Plant Auditing System is innovative in its execution, providing real-time parameters and optimised operational revenue. An integral part in mineral processing operations is selecting the correct combination of processes to work together harmoniously and provide optimal recovery with minimal product wastage. Our comprehensive solution is driven by expert role players to address your business needs.


We produce a single, aggregated view reporting system to create a visual representation of your operation, customised to your specific operating environment. Interpreting your system overview and applying business intelligence to your key metrics and offer real-time interventions to accelerate optimisation.

Maintenance and Support Services

AudeX provides Maintenance and Support Services to perform scheduled and/or preventative maintenance services to ensure the continued functionality of your systems, including the provision and installation of upgrades, updates, enhancements, and new releases.

For any additional support queries, please contact us.


For more information about our services, solutions or to discuss your project needs,
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